A new start

And yet again, I’ve failed to keep this blog going. Let’s see if 2017 will be my year…

Looking at the Les Etacs gannetry

So, I finished my MSc at Leeds and am now working for the Alderney Wildlife Trust as Conservation Officer on a full time voluntary placement. I’ve been here since the end of September and am nearly 4 months into my 12 month placement.

The east end of Alderney from the air

Alderney is the third largest Channel Island and the closest in proximity to both France and the UK. At only 3 miles long by 1 1/2 miles wide it’s not big but manages to squeeze a surprising amount in. It has a fascinating array of wildlife featuring species that are present in the UK and continental Europe as well as some endemic species. There is a long military history as its position in the English Channel just off the Cherbourg peninsula means its ideally situated to keep an eye on the French! In the 19th Century a dozen or so defensive forts were strung around the coastline, now in varying states of repair. During the Second World War the Channel Islands were occupied by German forces and Alderney was completely evacuated from 1940 until 1945. The evidence of this occupation is clearly evident all over the island in the form of hundreds of concrete bunkers, gun emplacements and fortifications. These things add up to make Alderney a great place to explore!

Fort Tourgis – one of the biggest Victorian forts on the island

As Conservation Officer here I’m responsible for the conservation planning for the terrestrial reserves and our other sites and the development of the annual conservation work programme. In the absence of a Reserves Officer for the last 4 months I have also been responsible for delivering the practical conservation management work and leading the twice weekly sessions with our conservation volunteers.

Finally a few Alderney views, enjoy!





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