The pace is picking up!

Argh! I did it again, a month without a blog.

Well, my only excuse I that I’ve been very busy. Although that’s not quite true, mostly it’s because instead of using Sunday evening as a relaxing time at home to cook, watch TV and write a blog post I’ve been going out and doing more exciting things.

Anyway, just a quick moth update for now since this is something that has definitely just picked up this week.

So since I last wrote I have run the trap another 3 times. On 24th March, I caught nothing. Very disappointing but it was a cool night and I also forgot to switch the trap on before dark which means I may have missed some species which tend to fly at dusk.

On 31st March I had 9 moths of 6 species, pictured and listed below:

2 Early Thorn (1♂, 1 ♀)

2 Early Grey

2 Common Quaker

1 Powdered Quaker

1 Hebrew Character

1 Shuttle-shaped Dart (♂)

Most recently the trap I ran on 8th April had 32 moths of 14 species including the stunning and crowd-pleasing Emperor Moth.

Full list and pics below:

7 Early Grey

5 Engrailed

4 Hebrew Character

3 Common Quaker

3 Waved Umber

2 Shuttle-shaped Dart

1 Muslin Moth (♂)

1 Emperor (♀)

1 Knot Grass

1 Coronet

1 Chinese Character

1 Light Brown Apple Moth

1 Least Black Arches

1 Early Tooth Striped

I’m afraid that’s all you’ll get today. Hopefully I’ll be back with a better update soon!


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